Alexander Hodac, CEO

Having joined Immobel in order to breathe new life into the company, Alexander Hodac was given the mission of transmitting his own dynamism to the teams with a strong philosophy : to constantly listen to them in order to help them make progress and surpass themselves.

“When I had finished my engineering studies at the Solvay Business School (VUB), I began my professional career without having envisaged the real estate sector. I nevertheless seized an opportunity within the real estate department of Deloitte Real Estate, attracted by a team on a human scale. I specialized in the transactional and share value optimisation aspects, travelling through many countries of the East in particular, from where I come. I adore consultancy but after a few years I felt a burning desire to involve myself over the longer term in property development. Leave something in your wake!

I joined the Home Invest team with the objective of specialising further, but it wasn’t long before Marnix Galle approached me and made me aware of his vision of the business. Our meeting, scheduled for around an hour, eventually lasted for two. We very quickly realised that we were complementary and that our ideas converged on the world and the real estate market. I joined the Group in December 2015.  

I had no set ideas about the profession of developer but I wished projects to be innovative and…profitable. I wanted them to stand out not just from an architectural point of view, but also for the added value they offer to the city. Thanks in particular to integrating various functions into the buildings, to considering the mobility aspect and to the size of the offices or housing.

Developing projects which change a city, a district: that’s what I hoped to achieve.  

And that is the mission mandated to me… To become a CEO at 34 years old (in December 2015) I benefit from a certain degree of recognition, but I am conscious of the fact that people are still waiting for me to make a mark. My role is now that of an orchestra conductor. As Managing Director I want to make Immobel grow and turn it into a company with a long term portfolio and an international reach. But that’s not all: I have also set myself a human objective: to listen to the men and women who work here and to federate all of our teams around the same aim, the same common vision. Immobel was seen as something of an old lady, and yet all of the personnel – every generation together – possess amazing skills and are ready to innovate.

Outside of Immobel, I dedicate myself totally to my 2-yearold daughter

When I am with her, I turn off my portable phone! And for a short time now, I have been training for another marathon. Sporting and professional challenges which are just what I need to satisfy my love of a challenge!”